Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We traveled by car back to Phoenix, AZ for the long weekend and met up with some family friends of ours at the Arizona Grand resort. What a fun time!!

We hiked up the trail one morning. No snakes or major events but fun and beautiful clear skies! Kids loved it!

Lots of these cactus, snake holes, and a beautiful view of phoenix!

Mary White had her birthday celebration with all of us! yee-haw!

Mary & Jason. Happy to be on vacation!

The whole 4 family crew at the table!

There was a great country band playing so the girls danced....and

The boys air-guitarred like crazy!!!! ( to that crazy honey-tonk music)

Here's Bun & I looking happy and relaxed

too cute, Jack with his bull hat on.

Not tall enough yet for the big slides. We could talk the lifeguards into only 2 trips down the curvy slide this trip. Maybe next year! Yeah!

Jack on slide-loving it!

kayla on waterslide! easyone...next is the fast one!

KAYlA ON THE SUPERFAST WEGIE WATERSLIDE! (look to the top right slide.)

The kids meditate down the lazy river...too funny!

Jack and mom take a break in the shade

Jack water surfing in the wave pool

Dad flips jack-and he loves it!

colorful ying/yang tattoo

girl power tattoo

last day, new friends say goodbye.